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TASS Orbit

TASS Orbit offers fully integrated and supported mobile apps, leveraging the functionality of TASS.
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Built by TASS for TASS Schools

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TASS Orbit

Access to TASS from anywhere in the Galaxy

Parent Orbit, the first of the TASS Orbit apps has launched! Connecting directly to your TASS system, Parent Orbit will help keep your community informed on what's happening at school. 

Built by a newly-formed team dedicated to TASS Orbit, app development occurs alongside the existing TASS roadmap - which means that new features and functionality will continue to be added to each in unison.

The Parent Orbit app provides greater flexibility when accessing TASS, more communication options, and the ability to view information and complete tasks on the go. 

Staff and Student apps will commence development in 2023. Sign-up for participation in the Staff or Student Special Interest Groups in now available.

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TASS Orbit

Orbit Licensing

TASS Orbit is licensed in the same way as the existing TASS License Packages, based on tiers of the total number of current students enrolled at your school.

With Orbit in Enterprise, multi-tenanted/enterprise customers receive a discount based on the number of schools they're licensed for. You also have the flexibility to purchase the app per school. 

Parent, Staff and Student apps are licensed separately, as each school has different requirements and needs to be able to choose what types of apps they deploy.

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